Lectures and Published Work

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Austrian Economic Chambers   ·   Data Protection Law and Employment Law  ·   part of „New Data Protection Regime " for Europe   ·   20.11.2015.

FH Campus Wien   ·  part of a Lecture   ·  since 2013.

Kunstschule Wien  ·  "Economy & Law" (Part II)   ·   2021 and 2022.

ZAS-Lecture   ·   Judicature Up-Date 2012   ·   Focus: Remuneration   ·   Austrian Economic Chambers.

Lecture   ·   Academy of Attorneys at Law   ·   Employment Contract, it’s most important content and compensation in the employment relationship.

Lecture Employment Law   ·   Business Circle: Remuneration, Monitoring Employees, Equal Treatment and Occupational Health and Safety.

Symposium Severance Payment   ·   The new Severance Payment from the Viewpoint of an Attorney at Law (published as: Severance Payment New – Viewpoint of Advising as an Attorney at Law, in Drs [editor], Serverance Payment New[Manz, 2012]).




Articles in Books:

Elements of Counteracting Welfare Fraud in the Framework of the Act on the Employment of Foreign Nationals, together with Christoph Wiesinger, in Wiesinger (editor), Countering Welfare Fraud in the Constructio Sector (Linde, 2015).

Contract for Blue-Collar Workers, in Knauder/Marzi/Temmel (editors), Handbook Business Contracts (Lexis Nexis, 2014).

Service Certificate, in Knauder/Marzi/Temmel (editors), Handbook Business Contracts (Lexis Nexis, 2013).

Severance Payment New – Viewpoint of Advising as an Attorney at Law (in German), in Drs (editor), Serverance Payment New (Manz, 2012).

Immediate Termination, Out-of-Court-Settlements, Novation (in German), in Knauder/Marzi/Temmel (editors), Handbook Business Contracts (Lexis Nexis, 2012).

Condition of Writing, Agreement regarding the Use of Phones, Internet and E-Mail (in German), in Reissner/Neumayr (editors), Zeller Compendium of Clauses (Manz, 2010).

Data Protection and Employment Law (in German), in Bauer/Reimer (editors), Practice Handbook Data Protection (Facultas, 2009).

Employee Participation  – from an Employment Law Perspective (in German), in Kronberger/Leitsmüller/Rauner (editors), Employee Participation in Austria (Linde, 2007).

Articles in Journals:

Jurisprudence Update, ZAS 2013/20.

Review OGH 21.12.2011, 9 ObA 125/11d und OGH 24.4.2012, 8 ObA 92/11d, ZAS 2013/14 (in German).

Review OGH 3.4.2008, 8 ObA 73/07d, ZAS 2009/30 (in German).

Holidays and Short-Time Work, ASoK 2009, 95 (in German).

New Regulation for Independent Contractors, ZAS 2008, 115 (in German).

Reimbursement of Training Costs and Non-Compete Clause New, ZAS 2006, 152 (in German).

Example – Non-Compete Clause, ZAS 2006, 195 (in German).